Metals for an Industrial Renaissance

In December 2014, Eurometaux has in released its new publication: Metals for an Industrial Renaissance: Eurometaux’s Call for Action to EU Policy Makers. Find out more at

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Our team of technical experts are on hand to answer your questions about nickel and its applications.


Nickel-containing architectural stainless steels are consistently among the most environmentally friendly metals commonly used in construction. Stainless steel’s low maintenance costs and durability make it a sustainable choice in many architectural applications.

Stainless Steel for a sustainable future

As Sustainability is about much more than just the environment, the new animation and brochure show how Stainless Steel contributes to a sustainable world in areas ranging from transport, healthcare, water provisions and food.

Airbus A380

Nickel alloys allow lower engine weights, even as they develop more thrust, and high operating temperatures. Less weight means less fuel consumption, and that in turn means aircraft can carry more cargo and passengers.


New Infographic on nickel compounds

February 25, 2015

Nickel Institute has produced an infographic to show how nickel compounds make important contributions to EU policy objectives.

Did you know?

February 12, 2015

The Nickel Institute has a team of experts available to answer your technical questions related to nickel and its applications.

Nickel Magazine: Current Issue

December 2014


  • Eco-building
  • Urban Mass transit experience
  • Ni in infrastructure
  • Micro-digestors
  • SS tanks for transport

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