Metals for an Industrial Renaissance

Eurometaux has today released its new publication: Metals for an Industrial Renaissance: Eurometaux’s Call for Action to EU Policy Makers. Find out more at

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Nickel-containing architectural stainless steels are consistently among the most environmentally friendly metals commonly used in construction. Stainless steel’s low maintenance costs and durability make it a sustainable choice in many architectural applications.

Stainless Steel for a sustainable future

As Sustainability is about much more than just the environment, the new animation and brochure show how Stainless Steel contributes to a sustainable world in areas ranging from transport, healthcare, water provisions and food.


Have you read our Nickel Magazine?

January 15, 2015

Do you know that we publish 3 times a year a magazine dedicated specifically to nickel and nickel-containing materials in new, innovative and established applications?

New Videos Provide Welder Training in Copper-Nickel

January 09, 2015

The Copper Development Association is offering a series of training videos showing the welding of copper-nickel alloys. Designed to train welders with the practical principles of joining 90-10 and 70-30 engineering grades of copper-nickel, the videos should also provide useful knowledge to engineers, design personnel and others with an interest in the alloys.

Nickel Magazine: Current Issue

December 2014


  • Eco-building
  • Urban Mass transit experience
  • Ni in infrastructure
  • Micro-digestors
  • SS tanks for transport

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