• Nickel Institute Appoints New Director, Global Government Affairs & Advocacy

    December 08, 2011

    The Nickel Institute today announced the appointment of Dr. Veronique Steukers as Director, Global Government Affairs and Advocacy.

  • Nickel Institute Statement on European Court of Justice Judgement on Classification of Nickel Compounds

    July 21, 2011

    The European Court of Justice today found no factor to affect the validity of the European Commission's classification of more than 100 nickel compounds. This judgement means that the existing classifications remain in place.

  • Nickel Industry Condemns EU’s Flawed Classification of Substances

    January 16, 2009

    The Nickel industry has expressed its regret that the European Commission has pushed ahead with its classification of nickel substances, which is not based on sound science and which risks doing irreparable harm to the industry.

  • NI Toxicology Expert in Esperance: Nickel Exports Do Not Pose a Health Risk

    February 08, 2009

    The public information forum staged at Esperance by the State Government today was told that nickel exports through the port do not pose a health risk for the town’s residents. Dr Hudson Bates, Executive Director of the Nickel Producers’ Environmental Research Association, said: “Based on the available data there have been no health issues attributable to nickel handling in Esperance.”

  • NI Entertains at the top of London’s ‘Gherkin’

    March 06, 2009

    Surrounded by some of London’s most famous landmarks, the Nickel Institute President and four spokespeople today briefed the press on the aims and objectives of the organisation in the architecture, building and construction (ABC) sector.

  • Nickel in Coffee

    March 09, 2009

    Research does not mean that cheaper coffee is unsafe for you, the reason why you will find nickel in coffee is that nickel is a natural and essential nutrient in all plants – including coffee plants. We therefore consume nickel through food every day of our lives.

  • New Structure for the Nickel Institute

    July 03, 2009

    The Nickel Institute has announced a change in focus that will result in a modification of its organisational structure. The objective is to refocus the strategic direfction and resources of the Nickel Institute on the defence of nickel markets and the promotion of the use of nickel-containing stainless steels.

  • Directive Rules the Use of Nickel in Stainless Steel in Toys is Safe

    July 14, 2009

    The Nickel Institute has welcomed the revised EU Toys Safety Directive that further restricts the use of some chemicals and metals in all toys manufactured and imported into Europe.

  • European Commission Publishes Risk Assessments for Nickel and its Compounds

    November 18, 2009

    On 16 November, the European Commission published the European Union Risk Assessment Report (RAR) for Nickel, Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Carbonate, Nickel Chloride and Nickel Dinitrate.

  • Early REACH Registration for Nickel Metal and Nickel Sulphate

    April 07, 2010

    The Nickel Institute today announced the successful REACH registration of nickel metal and nickel sulphate, eight months before the registration deadline.

  • Mystery of Allergic Reaction to Nickel Unlocked

    August 18, 2010

    The Nickel Institute welcomes the findings of a study by German scientists which shows that nickel binds to a single immune-system protein, one of a group of receptors known as Toll-like receptors, which signals the immune system to trigger an inflammatory response in some people.

  • Successful REACH Registration for all Nickel REACH Consortia Substances

    September 28, 2010

    The Nickel Institute announced the successful REACH registration of the 13 dossiers of substances covered by the Nickel REACH Consortia. This achievement has been made possible thanks to the excellent work of the Lead Registrants who made a considerable effort to achieve registration well before the dead-line advised by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

  • Nickel Institute Announces New President, Effective January 1 2011

    December 07, 2010

    The Nickel Institute announces the appointment of Dr. Kevin Bradley as its new President effective January 1, 2011, to succeed Stephen Barnett whose term comes to a close on December 31, 2010.