Nickel in Mobile Phones

November 30, 2010

The Nickel Institute is aware of recent media attention on possible allergic skin reactions from direct and prolonged contact with nickel-containing materials on the surfaces of some mobile (cell) phones. Such possible allergic reactions can be prevented and the Nickel Institute has been in discussion with major phone manufacturers about it since 2000.

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Current Issue

Volume 29-3: Urban Living

Nickel's contribution to sustainable cities

December 04, 2014

Nickel Magazine : Nickel's contribution to sustainable cities

Feature Story:
Getting Around:
Movement in, out and through urban areas is essential. How this is accomplished has enormous impacts on the quality of life of citizens and their environment. Success requires that there be sufficient peak capacity and clean, safe and welcoming infrastructure. In all of these the use of nickel-containing stainless steels are making valuable contributions and, in addition, doing so in durable, cost-effective ways.

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