Our Metals Future

The EU is committed to cutting 80% of Europe’s carbon emissions by 2050, and the European metals industry is committed to help.

Progreso Pier - built with nickel-containing stainless steel

A combined environmental life cycle assessment and life cycle costing study was conducted on the Progreso Pier to show environmental and economic benefits of using nickel-containing stainless steel reinforcement.

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Nickel-containing architectural stainless steels are consistently among the most environmentally friendly metals commonly used in construction. Stainless steel’s low maintenance costs and durability make it a sustainable choice in many architectural applications.


New report confirms stainless steel safe for food preparation

November 10, 2015 - A new independent report, commissioned by Team Stainless, confirms the continuing safety of using stainless steel in food preparation, following the introduction of new test criteria in Europe.

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October 30, 2015 - This issue focuses on thirty years of evolution and innovation since the first edition of the Nickel magazine.

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August 2015


  • Fondation Louis Vuitton
  • 30 years of innovation
  • Nickel in batteries
  • Stainless Steel in Japan
  • Nickel in supporting development
  • A refuge in the Alps


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