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MARCH 05 - 2021

Electric vehicle safety : concerns and considerations

As electric vehicles (EVs) trend from being niche to mass scale and the lines between EVs and their combustion engine (ICE) counterparts get blurred in terms of usability, consumers, automakers, governments and fire departments continue to have some apprehensions.

NOVEMBER 13 - 2020

The Metals Gateway - the 'one stop shop' for anything you ever wanted to know about metals

Everyone is confronted with metals on a daily basis. Just look around you in the kitchen where appliances and cutlery are often made out of nickel-containing stainless steel. Your car or bicycle, whether electrical or not, won’t exist if it weren’t for all the metals that build the frame or the battery to make it faster, cleaner, safer.

SEPTEMBER 25 - 2020

Investment strategy of automakers and auto-battery alliances

The present-day principal driver in the Li-ion industry is the large batteries required for electric vehicles. Due to the size of these batteries and the relative growth of electric vehicles it is predicted that the total Li-ion energy capacity will exceed one tera watt-hour by 2030. This anticipation for a dramatically rapidly expanding industry has stakeholders all along the value chain very motivated to be ready.

JUNE 10 - 2020

Battle of the batteries - Cost versus Performance

The last three months have been unprecedented. But amidst the chaos and despite the drop in global GDP, there has still been a considerable amount of activity in the electric vehicle (EV) and battery world.

FEBRUARY 21 - 2020

Competitive technologies to high nickel Li-ion batteries – The pros and cons

The electric vehicle market is expected to be by far the largest and most dominant market for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Despite the strong desire to increase EV sales by all involved in the value chain, proliferation has been curbed due to the high cost to the consumer and the perceived disadvantages of owning an EV. Range anxiety, a lack of charging stations and fire safety worries, are among the top concerns.