Good Practices

"Good Practices" is an online slide presentation (with accompanying audio) that highlights the good practices which should be followed to maintain the corrosion resistance and aesthetic qualities of austenitic stainless steels.

Topics covered include:

  • Avoiding surface contamination and damage
  • Cutting and forming stainless steels
  • Cleaning surfaces before welding
  • Comparisons between welding stainless steels and welding of carbon and low-alloy steels
  • Clean up procedures after welding (by removing heat tint, pickling and electropolishing)
  • How embedded iron affects stainless steels
  • Bringing a stainless steel structure into service

The presentation contains 64 slides and is designed to allow the user to proceed at their own pace. Several animated examples and interactive features are included to enhance learning and heighten user interest.

The intended audiences are materials specifiers, fabricators and users of stainless steel.

To view this presentation please click here (you will have to save a zip file on your computer and the presentation can be run from one of the files).