Summary report from NACD WS in ChicagoUS NACD round table examines routes to reducing nickel allergy
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US NACD round table examines routes to reducing nickel allergy

20160623-NACDChicagoOn June 23, the Nickel Institute facilitated a workshop on nickel allergy and the path forward to reduce the incidence of nickel allergic contact dermatitis (NACD) in the general population. Held in Chicago, the event gathered leading U.S. dermatologists, scientists, metallurgists, downstream users of nickel, industry representatives and regulatory experts. The workshop is part of the Nickel Institute's drive to ensure that accurate information about nickel and nickel allergy is widely available and to ensure the appropriate use of nickel. The ultimate goal which was shared by all participants is of preventing nickel sensitisation in the population and the occurence of nickel allergic contact dermatitis in those already sensitised. A number of paths forward were identified.

"The workshop in Chicago was the first time that such a broad range of experts on different aspects of nickel and nickel allergy have met in North America to focus on how we can together combat this allergy. It is important that physicians, parents and patients are equipped with the accurate information they need to reduce the risk of nickel allergy, especially in children," said Dr. Katherine Heim, NiPERA's nickel allergy scientific specialist. "The nickel industry wants nickel to be used appropriately and we welcome the constructive dialogue from participants at the workshop. We look forward to working with downstream users of nickel as well as clinicians to share our knowledge of the essential nature of nickel and the best way to use it to avoid risk of nickel sensitisation."

A report of the meeting will be available in due course.