Nickel-containing stainless steel pint cups debut at Glastonbury Music Festival

20160803-GlastonburyGlastonbury, UK - At the world renowned music festival that took place in June, it's not only music that matters. Organisers and the audience share a common goal to make the event cleaner and greener and this year Michael Eavis, the organiser, worked with Outokumpu Stainless to introduce sustainable, recyclable stainless steel pint cups for beer instead. Over 200,000 cups were used at ten major bars across the site, with customers paying a £5 deposit when they bought their first pint. For the Festival, the question of how to reduce the amount of waste - in particular pint beer cups - has always been a challenging one. But the stainless pints are the first of their kind and are made of nickel-containing type 304 stainless steel. At the end of the festival, people could either take them home as a souvenir or leave them for future use. Latest news is that a major UK pub chain is considering introducing stainless steel cups.