Stainless Steel Services Pipes

Water leakage is a global problem which is quickly escalating to a crisis in many parts of the world. Some cities are now perilously close to running out of water.

Service pipes, the main source of water leaks, are usually made from plastic, galvanized steel, copper or, historically, lead. They are vulnerable to damage from corrosion, earth movement, seismic events and extremes of temperature, particularly at piping joints.

Pipe replacement with nickel-containing Type 316 stainless steel has been shown to offer the most significant benefit in overcoming water loss, as part of an overall water loss strategy.

It provides a hygienic, corrosion resistant and long-lasting solution of 100 years or more. 


 Learn more on the benefits of using nickel-containing Type 316 stainless steel for corrugated service pipes, including case studies in Taiwan and Tokyo.

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