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Volume 30-3: Evolution of Coinage

December 08, 2015

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In Brief

SS wire conducts 100 times more than copper wire


Nickel plays a small but important role in fault circuit limiters that act as surge protectors for the power grid. Energy solutions company AMSC manufactures Type 8612 Amperium® stainless steel laminated electrical wire which is designed for use in current-limiting superconductor coils or rods where robustness and current-limiting capacity are vital to the stability of the grid.

Soldered stainless steel

Solder flux

A new family of solder fluxes allows soft soldering of nickel and steel.

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In Use

Mont St Michel Barrage

Mont St-Michel

A twenty year project to save the UNESCO world heritage site Mont St-Michel from becoming landlocked was inaugurated by France’s President Hollande in October 2015. Nickel-containing stainless steel plays an important role in this feat of engineering.

Artificial hand using NiTi wires

Helping hands

A research team, led by Professor Stefan Seelecke from Saarland University and the Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology (ZeMA), both in Saarbrücken Germany, is using a new technology based on the shape-memory properties of a nickel-titanium alloy (UNS N01555). The engineers have equipped an artificial hand with ‘muscles’ that are composed of ultrafine nickel-titanium shape-memory alloy (SMA) wires with a diameter similar to that of a human hair. Like a muscle, the wires can contract and relax.

Ni reserves

Nickel resources

The Nickel Institute has compiled concrete, recent figures concerning the nickel reserve and resource situation. The resulting infographic clearly demonstrates that—just taking into account known reserves and resources and assuming an increase in nickel production—there is enough nickel available for 100 years. Yet this is not the full picture. There are still potential resources such as nickel deposits at the bottom of oceans yet to be explored, which will significantly increase the future availability of nickel.

Pic: National Museum of American History

NiFe batteries

Ni-Fe batteries are re-gaining popularity with owners of independent solar energy systems because their expected life—about 25 years—is at least triple that of a lead-acid battery.

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Current Issue

Battery technology

Past, present and future use of nickel

May 03, 2017

Vol32-1 - 150*110

Feature Story:
Demand side response and battery storage systems rise to the challenge
The demand for energy is continually increasing; at national levels, within communities and in households. The traditional method of meeting this demand has been to increase production on the supply-side.