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Stainless Steels, nickel alloys, and other nickel-containing alloys are used extensively in the Pulp and Paper industry for their corrosion resistance against the process liquors, and their good mechanical properties.  As pulp mills look into the future for as bio-refineries, these same materials will help them produce a wide variety of products according to their customers’ needs.  For further details on this segment, see Applications and Materials Selection.

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One Material, Multiple Purposes
One supplier of feed delivery systems for specialty chemicals specifies nickel-containing stainless steels for the range of chemicals it supplies. 

Pulp and Paper Publication in the Process of Being Updated
NI Consultant Dr. Andrew Garner is leading a team of industry experts who are updating the highly regarded NI publication 11025 Stainless Steels and Specialty Alloys for Modern Pulp and Paper Mills.  The original version, issued in 2002, was prepared by a Nickel Institute led Task Force of the Metals Subcommittee within TAPPI (the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry).  An update was necessary to incorporate some of the more recent changes to processes within the industry in the last 10 years. This update, which again is being done under the auspices of a TAPPI subcommittee, should be available by the end of 2011. 

Knowledge Base

The Nickel Institute has produced a number of modules which are relevant to the Pulp and Paper Industry:

Technical Literature

Stainless Steels and Speciality Alloys for Modern Pulp and Paper Mills, NI Publication 11025
This publication from 2002 has been prepared to provide P&P mill engineers with a good overview of the wrought and cast alloys currently used in the various processes. Alloys used in the principal equipment found in 12 different sections of paper mills are supplemented by sections on alloy characteristics, fasteners, abrasion, welding and corrosion. Designed to be a useful reference for mill engineers concerned with selection of materials.

Guidelines for the Welded Fabrication of Nickel-Containing Stainless Steels for Corrosion-Resistant Services, NI Publication 11007
There are three sections to this publication, one for the welder, one for the materials engineer, and one for the design engineer.  It is one of our most requested publications. 

Performance of Highly Alloyed Materials in Chlorination Bleaching, NI Publication 14023
Data from exposure tests of fifteen alloys in chlorination bleaching stage environments is presented. The data tends to support the wide applicability of the 6 percent molybdenum stainless steels for bleach plant service.

Other relevant Nickel Institute Publications.