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DECEMBER 22 - 2022

What implications for nickel from the CPC 20th Congress?

The elite members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened in Beijing, in October 2022 for their 20th Congress. Since the congress there has been a frenzy of media coverage and in-depth analysis of the implications of the resulting Congressional Work Report. David Chen unravels what it means for nickel.

JANUARY 11 - 2022

Why China’s nickel carbon footprint assessment will advance global carbon neutrality

Major economies across the globe are setting climate neutrality targets. But proper measurement and methodologies are needed to provide transparency and common benchmarks when assessing carbon footprint. At a recent event in China, there was general consensus on the importance of adopting a harmonized approach to carbon footprint calculation and disclosure.

JUNE 08 - 2021

What does China’s 14th Five-year Plan mean for nickel?

In 2021, China instigated its 14th Five-year Plan. Under the Plan, the country aims to move from an era of rapid economic growth towards improving its economic structure and the standard of living of the Chinese people.

JUNE 05 - 2020

China's regulatory agenda for energy: current developments leading to future opportunities for nickel

New energy legislation is set to optimize China’s energy structure and boost the use of non-fossil energy. Aligning with China’s regulatory agenda, nickel will play a vital role in tomorrow’s world powered by cleaner energy.