Brazilian Nickel - respecting differences, incorporating diversity and promoting inclusion

Incorporating diversity and promoting inclusion has become imperative for all companies. Brazilian Nickel has made it an integral part of their business practices.

Historically, hiring women in the mining sector has been challenging, however, the company has always believed and acted to improve this reality. They have committed to achieving a gender parity goal of 50% representation of women in leadership roles by 2030 and have partnered with Paradigm for Parity® Movement,  International Women in Mining and Women In Mining Brazil.

Since Partnering with P4P and WIM, Brazilian Nickel have implemented a five-point action plan to minimise unconscious bias in the workplace, measuring targets at every level and maintaining accountability by providing regular progress reports and to always include 50% of women among the candidates during the selection processes.

Brazilian Nickel employees trained and part of the Emergency Response Team
Brazilian Nickel employees trained and part of the Emergency Response Team

By committing to the action plan, Brazilian Nickel achieved: employment of 76% of their 220 employees who live in the three small towns directly related to the PNP1000 operation; 2% of employees with special needs (disabled), and 32% representation of women in the operation and management teams.

2 %
Representation of employees with special needs
32 %
Representation of women in the operation and management teams

In addition to this, salaries practiced were compared by position and gender to ensure all are paid equivalent to the market benchmark. This study showed that Brazilian Nickel has an equivalence of more than 94% with the market benchmark.

Brazilian Nickel continues to promote a safe working environment that is full of growth and development opportunities. Women are present from operation to management positions, and are leading figures in promoting a safer working environment.

This has further been recognized by the recent award to Brazilian Nickel's Co-Founder, Anne Oxley as one of the first 25 ESG Champions by the LSE’s Natural Resources Forum with particular emphasis made on her work to address gender disparity.

There is still a long way to go to achieve gender parity, but step by step, more and more companies, such as Brazilian Nickel, are confident, committed and convinced that inclusion and diversity are key to their success!

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