Nornickel - Producing low carbon nickel

Nornickel has been pursuing an ambitious energy strategy aimed at complete carbon upgrade of their existing facilities. This upgrade has been ongoing since 2018. It includes replacement and modernisation of hydro and thermal power generation units that supply power to Norilsk Division; modernisation and repairs to the power equipment; installation of automated control and metering systems; reduction of heat losses in buildings and pipelines; equipment optimisation and decommissioning of obsolete power units.

As a producer of nickel cathodes, Nornickel has one of the lowest global industry carbon footprints of 8t per tonne of nickel. It is also firmly placed in the bottom segment of the bottom quartile of the global nickel industry CO2 intensity curve. Nornickel’s nickel carbon footprint is approximately 30% below the industry average of 13 CO2t/tNi. 

Cutting CO2 emissions

Nornickel enjoys such a low carbon footprint owing to its low-carbon energy mix with over 50% of energy generated from renewable power while the remainder is supplied mostly from low carbon natural gas. All Nornickel’s power as well as natural gas are supplied to its core production facilities, located in Taymir Peninunsula, Norilsk Division, by fully-captive power plants, gas fields and transportation.

In 2020, the company announced a comprehensive environmental and climate change strategy aimed at reducing its environmental footprint, while keeping its total Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions under the GHG Protocol below 10 mtpa.

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