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Additional Resources

Our goal within the Additional Resources page is to provide starting points for practitioners embarking on risk assessments of nickel. Presented here is a list of peer-reviewed scientific literature on areas of Human Health and Environmental Science. These manuscripts have been published by NiPERA toxicologists and by other scientists whose research has been sponsored by NiPERA. This scientific literature reflects the priorities addressed by NiPERA over the last ten years. While most non peer reviewed final reports are not listed here, an exception is made with the SLI (Springborn Laboratories Inc, 2000) reports describing the results from a one- and two-generation reproductive studies with nickel sulfate. These studies have been used by several regulatory authorities for Human Health risk assessment of nickel and are therefore made publicly available here. Please note that this is not an exhaustive bibliography of the Human Health and Environmental Science of nickel, and users are encouraged to perform their own literature searches that are targeted to their unique interests.