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Dr Adriana Oller appointed Executive Director of NiPERA

As of 1 June, Dr Adriana R. Oller has been appointed Executive Director of NiPERA, Inc., the science division of the Institute, succeeding Dr Hudson Bates. In her new role she is responsible for the strategic research direction of NiPERA as well as guiding the research, regulatory and communication activities of six doctoral level scientific staff. Adriana brings over 24 years’ experience as a human health toxicologist, during which time she has maintained a high level of scientific interaction, guiding research programs and addressing regulatory issues. She has helped define the human health research strategy for the Institute and has co-authored many peer-reviewed papers on nickel toxicology. Adriana has a Master's degree in Biochemistry from Buenos Aires University, followed by a two-year residency in Toxicology and Forensic Chemistry. She earned a Ph.D. in Genetic Toxicology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in 1989 and joined NiPERA in 1994 after five years of research at the University of North Carolina and the US NIEHS. She is a Board Certified Toxicologist (DAB) since 1997 and a fellow of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr Oller is recognised by her peers as a leading expert in human health effects of nickel.

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