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FEBRUARY 24 - 2021

Battery Chat with Parri #3: Dr. Ilias Belharouak

Dr. Ilias Belharouak is the head of electrification and energy storage at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In this Battery Chat, he talks to Parri Adeli about the various energy storage topics his group are investigating including a new class of cathodes that they developed recently and its scale-up path.

JANUARY 13 - 2021

Single Crystal Ni-containing Cathodes - A Conversation with Prof. Jeff Dahn

Professor Jeff Dahn, at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada explains how single crystal technology is proving to be a promising solution to the challenge of overcoming range anxiety which is high on the agenda of electric vehicle manufacturers and battery developers.

DECEMBER 03 - 2020

Battery Chat with Parri #2: Prof. Feng Lin

Dr. Feng Lin is an assistant professor in the chemistry department of Virginia Tech. In this Battery Chat, he talks to Parri Adeli about his scientific journey and his research into cathodes and catalysts.

NOVEMBER 13 - 2020

The Metals Gateway - the 'one stop shop' for anything you ever wanted to know about metals

Everyone is confronted with metals on a daily basis. Just look around you in the kitchen where appliances and cutlery are often made out of nickel-containing stainless steel. Your car or bicycle, whether electrical or not, won’t exist if it weren’t for all the metals that build the frame or the battery to make it faster, cleaner, safer.

OCTOBER 15 - 2020

Battery Chat with Parri #1: Prof. Arumugam Manthiram

Prof. Arumugam Manthiram, a renowned professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has contributed substantially to the field of energy storage with his research having great impact on the scientific community. In this chat, Prof. Manthiram shares his research path briefly, his perspective on current research performed on high-nickel cathodes, and a glimpse of his future research directions.