What we do

The Nickel Institute is the global association of leading primary nickel producers. Our mission is to advocate for the responsible supply and sustainable development of nickel and the nickel industry.

The NI grows and supports markets for new and existing nickel applications including stainless steel, and promotes sound science, risk management, and socio-economic benefit as the basis for public policy and regulation.

Through our science division NiPERA Inc., we also undertake leading-edge scientific research relevant to human health and the environment. The NI is the centre of excellence for information on nickel and nickel-containing materials and has offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

  • We work with other international metal associations and stainless steel development associations to develop and promote the safe use of nickel around the world.

  • We pursue market development through a worldwide network of highly-qualified specialists.

  • We share our knowledge, offering free technical advice about nickel, its properties and its uses to ensure optimum performance, safe handling and use.

  • We actively initiate and fund scientific research programmes that examine the role of nickel in human health and the environment.

  • We do not conduct commercial or trading operations of any kind and do not present forecasts or comments on nickel markets, prices or supply/demand.

  • We do promote the long term use of nickel to contribute to a sustainable future.

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