About NiPERA Inc.

NiPERA Inc. is the Nickel Institute's independently-incorporated science division. NiPERA is committed to supporting scientifically-sound research and promoting general awareness of the care required in safely producing, using, and disposing of nickel.

What NiPERA does

NiPERA ensures awareness of the current state of the science on the potential health and environmental effects associated with safely producing and using nickel, nickel compounds and alloys by:

  • Initiating and funding research investigations, studies and surveys relevant to the human and environmental health effects of nickel exposure

  • Formulating and managing nickel-related research and disseminating results to both the nickel industry and scientific and regulatory communities

  • Performing risk assessments of nickel-containing substances and mixtures for regulatory purposes

  • Providing workplace guidance regarding occupational exposure monitoring and health assessments

  • Keeping Nickel Institute Members informed on relevant papers, presentations, ongoing research, scientific meetings, and worldwide regulatory activities addressing nickel-related health and environmental issues

How we operate

NiPERA commissions research projects that are conducted by global experts on nickel, including academic laboratories, government organisations, private laboratories and consultancies that are independent of the nickel industry.

NiPERA develops its research objectives and programs with independent scientists and regulatory experts. Studies supporting these objectives aim to determine safe levels of exposure for nickel workers, the public, and the environment. Researchers are encouraged to publish the outcome of their studies. Thus, the vast majority of results from NiPERA-sponsored research projects have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Regulatory and related activities

NiPERA closely tracks worldwide regulatory initiatives on nickel and its compounds. It routinely provides comments to both regulatory and non-regulatory organisations on documents or decisions affecting the nickel industry. In keeping with NiPERA's mandate, its input focus is on scientific issues.

Our team

NiPERA is staffed by experts in human health and environmental toxicology. You can find out more about the Nickel Institute team, including NiPERA staff, here.

Our history

NiPERA was incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in 1980 and became an independently-incorporated division of the Nickel Institute in 2004.