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Nickel Institute updates technical guide to alloy selection for service in organic acids

14 August 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada - The Nickel Institute has published the latest in a series of updated technical publications aimed at helpingĀ  engineers and specifiers select corrosion resistant materials.

Alloy selection for service in organic acids (10063) reviews the corrosive effect of organic acids, such as formic, acetic and fatty acids, at all concentrations. The corrosive action of organic acids is complicated because these acids are not handled in isolation but rather as process mixtures with inorganic acids, organic solvents and salts. "Organic acids rank among the most important chemicals in industry today," says Nickel Institute's Geir Moe, who revised the publication. "Rather than being used as final products, they serve as a precursor for other chemicals. They are the building block for many compounds, ranging from drugs and pharmaceuticals, such as aspirin, to plastics and fibres."

This fully revised technical publication from the Nickel Institute provides a useful guide for materials engineers and is available for free download.

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