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Nickel Institute appoints Parvin Adeli as Technical Specialist - Batteries

Parvin Adeli
Parvin Adeli

Toronto: 15 June 2020 –  The Nickel Institute is pleased to announce that Parvin Adeli has joined the Nickel Institute to take up the role of Technical Specialist – Batteries.  In her new role she will contribute her expertise to ensure the benefits of nickel in lithium-ion batteries are well understood.

Prior to joining the Nickel Institute, Parvin held a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) where she worked on energy storage material formulation and optimization particularly on solid-state batteries (SSB) and composite electrolyte materials.  She also led the NRC portion of the collaborative project ‘AI driven design and development of SSB electrolytes for consumer electronics’.

Parvin brings to the Nickel Institute extensive experience in the field of energy storage. She has made significant contributions to the area of solid electrolytes through her fundamental knowledge in inorganic material synthesis and its application to both Li-ion and Na-ion energy storage devices.

Parvin holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Materials Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering. She also completed a 3-year teaching program at the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence and has held various council positions in policy-making meetings at the Department and Faculty level at the University of Waterloo.

She is based in the Nickel Institute’s Toronto office.

Richard Matheson, Director, Market Development, Nickel Institute said, “we are delighted to welcome Parvin to the organisation. She brings an in-depth knowledge of batteries to our expert batteries team and many research, organisational and practical skills to greatly impact our batteries efforts across the value chain.”

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